Richard Overton's Story

Richard Overton, World War II Veteran

What’s a better place to be safe than your house?

Richard Overton is America’s oldest living WWII Veteran. Since 1948, he has owned his own home in the heart of East Austin.

Over the years, time took its toll on the home. The original wiring from 1948 was becoming faulty and things like the water heater were beginning to stop working. Mr. Overton was also in danger of tripping on his carpet, falling in his shower and overheating in the summers with no central air.

This is when Meals on Wheels Central Texas stepped in.

Through a partnership with the City, they replaced the original wiring in his home, installed central air and heating, widened doors to allow accessibility and remodeled his kitchen. They also removed the carpet so it was no longer a trip hazard and made his bathroom handicapped accessible.

Now, Mr. Overton can stay in the home he has owned for 70 years and live a healthier, more stable life.

Right now, 25% of seniors in Central Texas live under 200% of the poverty level. These are our neighbors who have lived in their homes for sometimes 3 to 4 generations, but have never been able to afford critical repairs needed for safe, healthy environments.

Through the Affordable Housing Bond, we can help our seniors on fixed-incomes stay in their homes. We can keep disabled seniors like Mr. Overton safe.

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