The Campsey's Story

Richard Overton, World War II Veteran

“We were shocked to discover all of his medical issues and the amount of attention it would require.”

The Campsey’s were living a typical life – Sarah and Matthew had steady jobs and had lived in the same home with their two children for years. When they learned they were pregnant again, they were surprised, but nothing prepared them for what was next. Despite normal test results throughout pregnancy, Cooper Campsey was born with deformities and feeding and breathing issues.

The number of medical procedures needed outweighed what they could afford, especially with Sarah leaving her job to become Cooper’s caretaker. They soon could not afford to rent their home anymore.

Father holding infant baby

This is when they sought the help of Foundation Communities. Now, they live in an affordable home and have access to programs like money management classes, children’s learning centers, and fitness and nutrition classes. The entire family has been able to build healthier lives -- especially Cooper, who can now walk and run.

With 34% of Austin residents spending almost half of their income on housing, the expense of medical emergencies can dramatically alter the course of someone’s life.

Through the Affordable Housing Bond, we can invest in programs that help families like the Campsey’s. We can bring our most vulnerable neighbors stability.

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